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Also consider virtual . . .

if your child is involved in competitive or performance activities that require time during the day, making traditional school hours challenging, consider virtual school.  We have students who are in training or competing across the country as tennis players, golfers, gymnasts, actors, musicians and other fields.  They find that virtual school allows them the flexibility their challenging schedules require, while receiving an outstanding education.


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Florida high school graduates are required to complete one course online.  Senior class students who HAVE NOT completed this requirement should contact their guidance counselor.



Palm Beach Virtual is a self-selecting, student/parental choice program for kindergarten through grade twelve students whose primary residence is Palm Beach County, Florida. Key practices will include monitoring the pace of each student to enable teachers to provide help just in time, examining student performance on state measures of learning, collecting satisfaction data from parents and students, and monitoring teacher progress toward course progress completion goals and student outcomes. Full-time virtual students have access to specialized extracurricular activities at their boundary school while enrolled in Palm Beach Virtual, Florida Virtual School and K12.