What is Palm Beach Virtual School?

  • Palm Beach Virtual is a grades K-12 public school option in The School District of Palm Beach County.
  • Palm Beach Virtual serves primarily Palm Beach County residents.
  • Palm Beach Virtual has full and part time options.
  • Palm Beach Virtual utilizes multiple management systems/course ware to fulfill students academic needs:
    • Palm Beach Virtual School Franchise of Florida Virtual School
    • Edgenuity
    • K12.com
    • Canvas (Instructure)
  • Palm Beach Virtual teachers are highly qualified state certified teachers who work for The School District of Palm Beach County.

What is the difference between Palm Beach Virtual School franchise of Florida Virtual School (PBVS) and Florida Virtual School (FLVS)?

  • Palm Beach Virtual is a franchise of Florida Virtual School (headquartered in Orlando).
  • Palm Beach Virtual is a grades K-12 public school option in The School District of Palm Beach County.
  • Florida Virtual School serves students statewide.
  • When a student chooses Palm Beach Virtual the funding (FTE) remains in Palm Beach County.
  • Palm Beach Virtual Franchise and FLVS courses are delivered in the same learning management system.

Why do students choose full time virtual school? 

Most full time virtual students fall into one of the following categories:

  • advanced learners looking for an academic challenge
  • middle and high school students interested in getting a head start on their college education
  • military families wanting consistency in their child’s education despite frequent relocation
  • athletes, musicians, actors and students pursuing their dreams while in school
  • home bound or students undergoing medical treatments who want to continue with their public school education

How is full time virtual school similar to a brick and mortar school?

Online virtual school is just like a brick and mortar school in the sense that they:

  • do not charge tuition
  • serve students in grades K-12
  • use state-certified teachers
  • follows a traditional school year
  • follow state requirements for course standards, assessments and standardized testing
  • expect students to spend 5 to 7 hours per day (a typical school day) on coursework
  • offer advanced coursework such as honors, advanced placement, dual enrollment and industry certification
  • grant a high school diploma upon completion

How is full time virtual school different from a brick and mortar school?

  • Students receive personalized support and have control over the time, place and pace at which they work.
  • Classes do not take place in a building but rather at home, on the road, or wherever an Internet connection can be found
  • Students take ALL courses online.
  • Parents and students communicate with their teacher via online classrooms, e-mail, text and phone.
  • Virtual school does not offer sports, students can participate in sports at their zoned school.

What is the difference between Palm Beach Virtual School and Home Education?

  • Palm Beach Virtual School students are required to take all state standardized testing.  Standardized testing is optional for Home Education students.
  • Parents make all educational and curriculum decisions in Home Education.
  • Parents can choose to take online courses as a curriculum option.
  • Home Education does not grant a high school diploma.
  • Click here for more information on Home Education - https://www.palmbeachschools.org/homeeducation/

Is there a graduation for full time Palm Beach Virtual School students?

  • Yes, a graduation ceremony is held for all graduating seniors.

Do full time Palm Beach Virtual School students have to take state standardized tests?

  • All public school students are required to participate in district and state standardized testing.
  • Testing is mandatory.
  • Parents are responsible for transporting students to and from the PBVS office for all testing.

Is there a cost/fee to take Palm Beach Virtual School courses?

  • All public school students can take online courses for free.
  • Charter and private school students must check with the school for their policy regarding virtual courses.

Why do students choose to enroll in courses part-time with Palm Beach Virtual School?

  • to complete the online course requirement for graduation
  • to have access to courses not available at their school site
  • to accelerate their learning
  • for grade forgiveness of a course previously taken and failed