What are the characteristics of a full-time K-12 student at Palm Beach Virtual School?

• independent learner

• self-motivated

• great communicator

• effective time manger

The format of the full-time online experience lends itself to the self-motivated and diligent student.

How do students enroll in a course?

  1. Students navigate to and click on the Middle School or High School tab at the top of the page.
  2. Students will see "Click Here to Enroll in Courses" (under part-time).
  3. Then, the Subject list comes up with courses.
  4. Once the student chooses the course, directions pop up to enroll with Palm Beach Virtual, Canvas, or Edgenuity.

7004 Completions A13 coding

Palm Beach Virtual courses are taught one segment at a time and can be taken any time of the school year, 1st or 2nd semester.  When a student takes and completes a course with Palm Beach Virtual School 7004 it will have a 1 or 2 on the end on A13 to indicate which segment was completed.

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Full and Part Time

What is FLVS (0600/71) and Palm Beach Virtual (7004/50) ?

Florida Virtual School is the state initiated 20+ year old online course ware provider based out of Orlando.

Palm Beach Virtual School is a franchise of FLVS.

  • The courses are the same
  • PBVS teachers are trained by FLVS.
FLVS - District 71

0600 for high school courses

0500 for middle school courses


Palm Beach Virtual - District 50

7004 - PBV franchise courses

7006 - PB created online courses

7023 - VIP courses/PB teachers

FLVS serves the entire state of Florida and has Global for profit schools. PBV serves Palm Beach County residents only.
FLVS has full and part time options. PBV has full and part time options.
When a student selects FLVS the revenue FTE LEAVES the district and goes to Orlando. When a student chooses PBV the revenue STAYS in PBC.
School’s data processor enters the grade in TERMS PBV data processor enters the course on the A10 and completion on the A13 in TERMS.
FLVS teachers are state certified and work year-round. PBV teachers are school district CTA teachers and work the school calendar schedule.


For more information, contact Juli Davis at PX 76135 or 561.366.6135 or at


Records Request PBV





Full Time at School Site

Blended Learning

Blended learning combines live, face-to-face learning with self-paced online learning. A teacher at the school site is the teacher of record and Palm Beach Virtual assists in customizing the courses.


Blended options at a glance

Edgenuity Blended Learning Courses Canvas Fully Online or Blended Learning Courses
Government Regular/Honors Personal Fitness (9th – 11th)
Economics w/ Financial Literacy Regular/Honors Engaged Citizenship through Service Learning (10th – 12th) complete 30 hrs.
Career Research and Decision Making Writing 1 (8th – 10th)
Critical Thinking and Study Skills Fitness Lifestyle Design (9th – 11th)*
Health Life Management Skills African-American History Honors (10th-12th)*



Part Time

What is Canvas ?

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that is easy to use with modern interface.

  • Rubrics tied to state standards.
  • Canvas offers original credit and blended learning.
  • Students register for courses at
  • Canvas teacher sends monthly progress report to parents.
  • PBVS data processor enters the course on A10 TERMS and completion grade in TERMS A13

For information about Canvas, contact Juliana Davis at PX 76135 or 561.366.6135 or at



Full and Part Time

What is Edgenuity?

Edgenuity courses feature rigorous, standards-based instruction and powerful interactive tools that support learning. Engaging multimedia and real-world applications ensure students build content knowledge and essential skills.

  • Edgenuity offers original credit, credit recovery and blended learning opportunities.
  • PBVS data processor enters the grade in TERMS for original credit courses.
  • Zone school data processor enters the grade in TERMS for Credit Recovery courses
  • Teachers submit grades through GradeQuick for Blended Learning courses

For more information about Edgenuity, contact Heidi Putre at PX 51307 or 561.752.1307 or at